The Book of Five Rings (The Way of the Warrior Series) by Miyamoto Musashi


I knew Miyaoto Musashi when I was a kid watching TV series. I knew he was a famous ninja but did not know he was a writer. Afterall, if I were a spy I wouldn’t write an auto-biography of myself or my skills of the trade — apparently that’s not the culture in Japan. In old Japan, if you were a good samurai you would also be a good writer, because they go “naturally” hand to hand according to Miyamoto. 


I would not recommend this book because — although this is an interesting read, it would be useful only if you practice martial arts or any other form of arts when you read the book. It would take a long time to absorb the material, to apply them into practice, and to see “the way”. It took Miyamoto a lifetime. That’s the beauty of Bushido, but it also needs a lot of commitment. So I would not recommend reading this book just for fun.