More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory (More Than Two Essentials) by Franklin Veaux, Janet Hardy, Tatiana Gill, and Eve Rickert


I started reading this book to explore different relationship styles. The first reaction was “???”, but it made more sense after I finished reading the book. Simply put, it never occurred to me that poly is a viable form of relationship that a small group of people practice in modern society. It can appear quite chaotic and it requires a lot of communication skills and it requires all parties to know what they want (or at least try to do that). This book is more like a guide for those who want a polyamorous relationship style and it is quite practical – since most of the cultural depictions are monogamous, there are not a lot of examples of how a polyamorous relationship may work. Overall it’s quite an empowering book, showing how much flexibility and freedom people can have over their relationship – and a lot of the tips apply to monogamous and poly relationships alike.