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Note: this website is not updated frequently. I update the books section once a year. The rest of the research works are from 2018 or earlier. 

Welcome to the my website! I’m Jerry, a research engineer working for Deepmind. I graduated from Northwestern University in 2017 with a BS/MS in Computer Science supervised by Prof. Douglas Downey. I have a wide interest in using machine learning techniques to solve real world problems.

Recent Projects

Twin-GAN – Unpaired Cross-Domain Image Translation with Weight-Sharing GANs


Twin-GAN Human to Anime

Interested in Manga and Anime but do not have the energy to cosplay your favorite characters? Want to see how your little brother will look like if he were a cat? AI is here to help.

With Twin-GAN, you can create your original character simply by providing a profile picture. Find the anime character that looks just like your best friend is just one click away. And if you’re not satisfied with the result, give a sample image of your neighbor’s cat and and Twin-GAN will make you look just like her.

Twin-GAN Human to Cat

Mixed precision training of Illustration2Vec on InceptionV3

(to be updated)

Human segmentation in manga using Faster R-CNN Inception V3

(to be updated)


E-mail (preferred): jerrylijiaming (at) gmail (dot) com

Linked-in: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jerry-jiaming-li-98a69891/

Github: https://github.com/jerryli27/

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