2020 Book Recommendations & Summaries

Here are the top books I’ve read this year:

River Town by Peter Hessler — A relaxing read for those into Chinese culture or foreigner personal stories. 

The ride of a lifetime — Make Disney great again!

Just Mercy — A personal tale of fighting for racial justice as a lawyer in the US. 

The order of time by Carlo Rovelli — God says: let there be time, but only if you don’t look closely enough.

Born a Crime — Trevor Noah’s personal story on racial justice, domestic violence, and his childhood that makes you laugh but secretly cry at the same time.

No Rules Rules by Reed Hastings and Erin Meyer — Netflix. A social experiment to instill different types of cultures into a company and the lessons learned from it.

The Beginning of Infinity by David Deutsch — What is knowledge? And what does knowledge have to do with AI, knowledge, math, evolution, poli-sci, or meme?

西班牙旅行笔记 — A travel book for Spain that tells you more than the famous churches, museums, and insta-ready shops.

For details and for those books that did not made it onto this list, you can find them under the outline: “Books > 2020 Book Recommendations & Summaries > …”