Do No Harm: Stories of Life, Death, and Brain Surgery

Score: 4/5

I’ve always been curious about what it is like being a surgeon. And as the most mysterious organ of all, the brain and the seeking to understand it put me in my current career. So to have a book that combines the two was quite unique.

The book talks about what it is like to be a brain surgeon – what is each region of the brain in charge of, how to operate in a pool of blood, how to deal with failures, which would result in a quick death if you are lucky, or worse, a painful life without any hope of recovery, etc. I didn’t know that so many surgeons wrote books about their experience before reading this one, so I am not claiming that this book is better than any of the rest out there. I just enjoyed reading it.

If watching medical TV shows is your thing, or you just enjoy brains (not in the zombie sense), then I would recommend giving this book a shot.